REIKI INSIGHTS for 8/3/18 :: who can you help today?

Etheric encouragement 8:3:18.jpg


In the midst of our busy, stressful and sometimes chaotic lives, it’s easy to get bogged down in our story. In our personal struggles and challenges. 

When this happens, what often begins as simple personal introspection can quickly turn into ruminating and obsession, which most often lead us nowhere. #analysisparalysis 

Additionally, in our screen obsessed culture, it’s also all too easy to get stuck in a scroll-like-comment loop and lose touch with the actual humans in our real lives. 

Which is why, today, our EPs are asking us to take a moment to pause and look around to see how we can be of service to someone.

Looking outside of ourselves to the greater world and seeing how we can make an impact, however seemingly small, is a great way to snap us out of our own little bubbles and gain some fresh perspective. 

So, who can you help today? 🤔

Wishing you all a lovely Friday and a beautiful weekend! 🙌🏻💖💫

R & K

richard aab