TODAY'S REIKI INSIGHTS for 3/5/18 :: be there


Good morning Reiki friends!

I hope all of you lovely people are doing well! Sorry it’s been a few days. All was silent on the Reiki front. 

But, thankfully, my EPs popped in for a little visit this morning and conveyed a message about being the support in someone else’s life today. 

Is there one person in your life you can uplift in some small way? My EPs seem to think we all know someone who could use some cheer. Go get 'em! 

with love and Reiki, 


openly share
openly care
openly let someone know you are there

openly be the support
the cheerleader
the shoulder to cry on
that makes the day sweeter

lift someone up
help to let their light shine
give a word of encouragement
to let them know they’ll be fine

there are so many who struggle
in silence, in fear

be the one today
to lend them an ear

be the one today
to let them know they’re ok

be the one who stands by
and does not shy away


Kerri Aab