TODAY'S REIKI INSIGHTS for 2/22/18 - urgency


Happy Thursday, friends!

Today’s message is a throwback from 8/20/16 and I SOOOOOO needed to hear it today. (I feel like I say that everyday!)

Doesn’t our world have a funny way of making *everything* feel like an emergency??? 

I had a therapist once tell me that unless someone is bleeding or bones are broken, the current situation is NOT an emergency! 

I’d probably add a few other catastrophes to that list, but either way, the point is a valid one. There’s almost always time to at least pause and take a breath before responding or reacting to a situation. 

Nothing is as urgent as it seems.

Aaaah... isn't that a nice realization?

sending you calm and sunny skies from the unseasonably warm south, 



Urgency is just a clever way
for a spinning mind
and a grasping ego
to get what it wants
to feel safe

The heart does not guide with

It leads with
gentle longings
deep knowingness  
slow unfolding and emerging

Urgency is
a trick of the mind

Calm presence is
the language of the soul

When you hear NOW, think later  
When you hear MUST, think maybe  
When you hear ALWAYS and NEVER, think often and sometimes

The more urgent it feels
the more space it needs
to grow
to evolve  
to solidify and become real

Have confidence in your heart guidance
In the
peaceful pace
of the soul

Kerri Aab