for 2/20/18

Good morning sweet Reiki friends!

Today’s message comes to you via my Nature Spirit oracle card deck by Denise Linn and the “Storyteller" card. 

It’s been awhile since I’ve pulled a card for you guys, or myself for that matter. 

Late last year I realized that somewhere along the line in my spiritual seeking I’d given up pretty much all of my power to oracle cards, signs, astrology, yoga practices, rituals and Divine timing. I stopped thinking for myself and instead took “let the Divine take the lead” to a very unhealthy level. 

Somehow I'd become a slave to the very things I thought would “free” me. 

Not surprisingly, this was making me an anxious, nervous wreck. 

SOOOOOO not the point!

So, in one fell swoop, I packed up all my cards, crystals, flowers, charts and self help books (so. many. self. help. books). Rolled up my yoga mat, packed away my Kundalini whites and put my spiritual practice on vacation. Decided that I was done “healing" and bettering myself. I was just gonna BE. Live my life in the best way I knew how, given the realities of my life at any given moment. 

I started to resurrect really “mundane” seeming things like, working out and singing show tunes in my basement, dancing to pop music and sleeping in, eating non-organic food from time to time and futzing around on celebrity gossip websites. (I know, I'm such a rebel!)

And ya' know what happened? 

Life suddenly started to feel a whole lot easier. 


Just - better.

I actually started to taste the freedom I’d been so desperately seeking in yoga studios and endless online courses and started to find my joy again. My passions. My life. 

It’s been nothing short of - dare I say it - miraculous!!

Oh, the irony!

Now, am I saying that *you all* should pack up your spiritual practices and call it a day?


But what I am AM saying, is that every once in a while it’s a good idea to check in and see if your practices are serving YOU or if you are serving THEM. The difference between those two things can mean the difference between a life well lived and a life spent *waiting* to life.

I’m sure there’s some meeting place between the magic and the mundane in my life. And I’m pretty sure I’ll find it one day. But for now, I’m done looking. The mundane of my life is feeling pretty darn magical, anyway.

Plus, the less I seek, the more I seem to find these days.

Anyway, that’s my story for today. 

What’s yours? 

lots of love,

Kerri Aab