for 2/19/18

Goooood Monday to ya’, Reiki friends!

Today brings you a message from the archives, but I hope it’s as relevant for you today as it may have been when it was first posted. I liked it so much I’m using for the Ascend Essences Facebook page as an invitation to join this group (hence, the Ascend logo on the pic)!

Which reminds me - Richard and I are all about sharing the Reiki love and inspiration, so if you know people who would benefit from what we share here, please send them our way. :)

oodles of love comin' at 'ya!


“What if roadblocks were actually guideposts?"

So often in life, when things aren’t going the way we’d like, we get angry and frustrated, looking at the challenge as a roadblock - something standing between us and our vision of happiness.

But, consider for a moment, that your roadblocks could be guideposts. Instead of seeing your challenges as obstacles, why not see them as signs pointing you in a different direction?

If you keep hitting upon the same challenge, over and over, take moment to sit with it and see if there’s a message there.

Could you be trying to force something into being that isn’t ready to happen?

Do you, perhaps, have blinders on around this issue?

Could the roadblock be trying to wake you up to different possibilities?

Sometimes the detours we take in life lead us to the most fun, surprising places. Where might your roadblock be trying to lead you?


Kerri Aab