REIKI INSIGHTS for 11/5/18 :: peace is a journey

Richard here!  Today’s message came absolutely blasting into my head - which is rare for me - that’s usually more of Kerri’s bag.

“Peace is a journey - not a destination.”  Boy this one’s tricky for me.

On the one hand, of course I know that lasting peace isn’t a state that I can realistically achieve and then stay in for all eternity (I mean, I don’t even know where to find the Bodhi tree).  And yet I want it to be this simple!  I want to know that if I just meditate enough, breathe enough, take the right combination of crystal and flower essences enough that someday (and someday soon!) I’ll fill up the proverbial fundraising thermometer in my soul and win my prize!  Enlightenment and Peace!

But that’s not how it works, is it?  Of course not.

So our guides want us to know that we must destroy this secret dream that with just a little time and effort we can become unassailable masters of peace, disconnected from our all-too-human desires  (I blame training montages from the 80’s…).  

We must do everything in our power to stay in the present; to hold onto the beauty and power that lies in our Sisyphean quest to maintain those fleeting moments of true peace and tranquility that connect us to our highest selves and show us the true face of the Universe.  

If we can do this - our guides want us to know - if we can embrace the journey for all of its ebbs and flows and its inherent transitory nature, then, and only then, Peace can be truly ours.  

sending you all love and Reiki!


richard aab