REIKI INSIGHTS for 11/29/18 :: balance your personal power


REIKI INSIGHTS for 11/29/18

At the beginning of our session today I was inspired to choose a card from my trusty Reiki deck.

As I was clearing the deck, out popped the card above!

Whenever this happens I take it mean that the card - and the message on it - really wanted to be seen/heard.

Personally, these last weeks (ok, months) have been super rocky. I feel like my emotions have been all over the place, and, as a result, so have my actions.

One day I feel ready to take on the world and the next I feel like the world is collapsing around me. Which means I’m either racing around trying to get millions of things done at once or crying in a corner. Neither are particularly plesant or productive.

So, when this card jumped out, I was more than happy to use the symbol on all of us to ground down the energy of our solar plexus (navel) chakra.

What exactly does that mean, though?

Well, the solar plexus chakra is all about willpower, self confidence, self control, personality and personal power. When that energy is unbalanced or ungrounded it can lead us to feeling either apathetic, insecure and lacking in self confidence or controlling, rage filled and arrogant.

Either way, it’s no fun dealing with an out of whack solar plexus chakra!

When this symbol of Raku is used with Reiki, and directed at the solar plexus, it can bring our navel energy back into balance so that we feel confident and in control, while also being able to go with the flow as needed. We’re solid, we're stable and we’re able to manifest in the world what we conceive in our minds.

I say YES to that!

If any of this resonates for you today, there are simple things you can do to balance this energy, like bringing the color yellow into your clothing or surroundings, eating yellow foods, getting into the sun, working with crystals like citrine, amber and tiger eye and doing deep belly breathing. (shameless plug: the Ascend Essence POWER also aligns this chakra.)

wishing you a powerfully grounded Thursday!


richard aab