REIKI INSIGHTS for 11/27/18 :: no one else

REIKI INSIGHTS for 11/27/18

Good morning, sweet friends!

I get the impression from our recent sessions, that many of us are struggling right now.

Feeling less than.



Which is why I believe I was guided to post the message below, which came through a few years ago. It’s a perfect continuation of what we were told yesterday.

The EPs REALLY want us to take this to heart. So, before you read, take a deep breath, get present in this moment and let these words penetrate your heart and soul. They came through for YOU. :)


No one else has your smile
No one else has your voice
No one else has your energy
No one else has your heart

No one else has your knowing
No one else has your experience
No one else has your gifts
No one else has your light

No one else has your spirit
No one else has your view
No one else has your insight
No one else is YOU

You inspire
You motivate
You uplift
You energize
You comfort
Your bring light
You heal

You are a guiding force in the lives of many
Many, many more than you know

Your smile
Your voice
Your energy
Your heart
Your knowing
Your experience
Your gifts
Your light
Your spirit
Your view
Your insight

~ YOU ~

are needed
are cared about
are wanted
are enough

Don't deprive those around you of the beauty that is you.
You’re helping more than you know.
Please keep doing what you do…


May you all courageously let your bright, beautiful selves shine, today and always!


richard aab