REIKI INSIGHTS for 11/20/18 :: you are worthy

REIKI INSIGHTS for 11/20/18

You don’t have to
heal the world

To prove yourself worthy
of living in it

You were born

You remain

There is nothing
you have to do

No quota of good deeds
you have to fill

In order to
gain entry

Into the club
of human existence

You are accepted
as you are

You are loved
as you are

You are enough
as you are

This message came through during an intense session where I was working on a client & could feel myself really trying to “fix” them.

Every part of me wanted this person to be healed… actually, cured.

Yes, I desired this for the client. But, deep down, I knew I wanted that undeniable miracle, so I could “prove” my worth as a practitioner. As if some tangible result would validate what I do & my ability - my right - to do it.

It was an ego trip & inner child fear all rolled into one & I knew it. But I couldn’t seem to let go.

And that’s when these words  - “you don’t have to heal the world, to prove yourself worthy of living in it” - were whispered in my ear.

Tears started streaming down my face.

Then the rest of the message came through.

What sweet relief those words were!

They washed over me like a balm to soothe my soul & for the first time, probably ever, I felt - really FELT - that I didn’t have to prove anything in order to exist. That I didn’t have to constantly be justifying my right to take up space on the planet or to call myself a healer.

I knew, palpably, finally, that nothing was required of me to be loved & accepted.

The rest of the session went by with me & my client both being surrounded by a love I have never felt before & a deep knowingness that we are ALL enough as we are.

I share this with you today at the insistence of my guides, who assured me that even though this message came through to & for me, there are many of you out there who need to hear it, too.

I hope to soothes you, the way it did me.


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