REIKI INSIGHTS for 11/14/18 :: life is not a race

REIKI INSIGHTS for 11/14/18


pushing to make it happen
only pushes it away

allowing it to happen
brings it, to stay

cease the chase
life is not a race

everything happens
at its
own pace


How do my Etheric Pals (EPs) always know the perfect thing to say?!

Well, they ARE all-knowing and all-present energies, I suppose.

Soooooo - silly question! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Anyway, in today’s “bigger, better, faster, manifest it NOW!” culture, it can be SO difficult to have patience.

The world screams at us to “MAKE IT HAPPEN!” and it can be difficult not to get swept up in that fray.

But, today we’re being invited to stop with the pushing, struggling and - yes - even the manifesting.

We are being called, instead, to take a breath, take break and let it COME.

Easier said than done, to be sure, but worthwhile nonetheless.

The only race being run is the one in your own mind.

And the EPs kindly suggest that you let that one goooooo….

Happy Wednesday, sweet friends!

💖 Kerri/Amarsukh

richard aab