REIKI INSIGHTS FOR 10/9/18 :: stand tall

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REIKI INSIGHTS for 10/9/18

Today’s message was one that I think we all could use these days.

When the weight of the world seems to be crushing down upon us, it’s that much more important to stand tall. To stand tall in the face of adversity and conflict. To stand tall for what we believe and what we know is right. 

When we’re full of confidence and everything is going our way, that’s when it’s easy to throw our shoulders back and walk with swagger and pride. To stick up for the little guy and be our best selves.

But in our darker moments, our more difficult or frightening moments - can we then be our bravest and continue to lift our face into the wind and scream into the gale: “I AM STRONGER THAN YOU KNOW!”

If we can, if we have the courage, then we can raise our arms to the sky and know we’re living life on our own terms. And nothing can stop us.

And who could want more than that?


richard aab