REIKI INSIGHTS for 10/6/18 :: love


REIKI INSIGHTS for 10/6/18

Today’s message is all about LOVE! 

During today’s session I was absolutely flooded with the feeling of LOVE - love for all of you - for us - from the Universe! A gorgeous quilt of hygge (an awesome Danish expression totally worth looking up) that wrapped me up and held me till I could just about pop from joy! 

And don’t think it’s lost on me how funny it is that yesterday’s message was all about not getting caught up in how your practice “feels” and trusting that it’s working for you anyway. And here I am talking about how great today’s session felt (when, really, the same lesson applies 🙄😂).

But since I can’t do justice to it in words, let me leave you with this: YOU ARE LOVED!

The Universe is here for you and, even if just by bringing all of us together into this beautiful coop of loving intention, it needs you to know that! We are here, together, and surrounded by a love that’s greater than we could ever possibly comprehend. And in the midst of so much justifiable turmoil and distress in our physical world, this was for me, such an important reminder that together, we’ll all be alright.

So trust in that love, embrace it, and let it warm you to your very core.

We can all use a little extra warmth these days…



richard aab