REIKI INSIGHTS for 10/4/18 :: slow and steady

REIKI INSIGHTS for 10/4/18

“Take your time - you know how this works…” These are the words that fill my heart as I send our daily Reiki to all of you wonderful people today.

Sigh - I don’t know about you, but I hate this message so much!

Just call me Veruca Salt for all the patience I have with the Universe lately. “I want it now!!” (screams the basically insignificant speck of dust spinning on an impossibly small ball of rock in the incomprehensible expanse of space…🙄)

But seriously, piggybacking off yesterday’s message - it all comes down to trust. Trust that everything will work out according to its own divine timing. That’s not to say we shouldn’t push ourselves and create our own opportunities through hard work and perseverance. No, just that we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves if it all doesn’t come together quite as fast as we might hope.

So just keep moving forward, slow and steady, like everyone’s favorite allegorical tortoise (or Royal Blue Tang, for the Disney fans out there who prefer to ‘just keep swimming’).

The Universe has your back, and will be there when the time is right…


richard aab