REIKI INSIGHTS for 10/31/18 :: from our ancestors

Oh boy, was the Reiki room FULL today! 

Since it’s Halloween (or Samhain, for those of you who are like me and prefer to celebrate that holiday), at the start of our session I invited anyone from the other realms who wanted to come through to do so, and did they ever!! 

The love I was surrounded with was palpable and truly awe-inspiring. 

There were so many energies wanting attention, I wasn’t able to get to them all. So, I asked for a general message I could share.

Here’s what they had to say….


Never alone
we’re always beside you

to comfort
to love
to protect
to guide you

Be silent now
feel our care

Please trust and know
we’re always there


Now, I know for some, the idea an after-life, where those who have passed on dwell, is a bit much to believe in. 

It was for me. 

But, I’ve been working with my psychic gifts and my Reiki guides long enough now, and have had way too many first hand experiences, to do anything BUT believe that there is more to this life (and what comes after) than we can ever comprehend. 

I now take comfort in the fact that those who have left this earth are still with me and looking out for me (yet, in a much different, more expanded form than when they were here). And I look forward to the times they pay me a visit. 

However, YOU don’t have to believe in an after-life to take comfort in today’s message.

If it doesn’t work for you to think of your departed grandma as guiding you from the great beyond, then don’t!

Just know that there is a force of love out there that is with you always. A great, big, mysterious energy that is far more grand than what we can know. And it's showering you with immense blessings, at all times. 

You are held.

You are loved.

You are guided.


sending you sweet Samhain blessings…


Kerri Aab