REIKI INSIGHTS for 10/3/18 :: we are never alone

Trust that we're never alone....png

REIKI INSIGHTS for 10/3/18

Today’s message is such a simple one, but so very difficult to hold on to…”We’re never alone.”

The Universe always has our back - even when it feels like nothing could be further from the truth!

As a species, we’re hardwired to be myopic. It allows us to hyper-focus; to zero in on things we want, and accomplish goals in a world of distractions. But that same ability can cut us off from the world around us. So often, we find ourselves spiraling into one version of our reality - the difficulties that we’re experiencing in any given moment. And before we know it, we’re living deeply into our troubles at the exclusion of everything else around us.

Not only are there Remedies for that 😉, but there’s a practice of mental relaxation and of putting our trust in the Universe that can break us out of our self-imposed prisons. But it all starts with remembering this simple, and simultaneously recondite aphorism: “we’re never alone.” Like the baby in the picture, we’re all being held by something larger and more deeply loving than we will ever comprehend. We simply have to trust that it’s there.

So hold on through your darkest, loneliest moments. Trust in the bounty of the Universe to (eventually) come pouring over you - even if it’s not in the form (or time) that you would prefer. 

We’re never alone…


richard aab