REIKI INSIGHTS for 8/7/18 :: wait for it

Etheric Encouragement 8.7.18.jpg


don’t rush to fix
don’t rush to cure

let it be
let it wait
until you are sure

sometimes the best thing 
to do 

this is not denial
or passivity

instead -
it is a conscious choice to
slow down

We have no trouble admitting that patience is not something the Ascend family has a lot of. 🤷🏻‍♂️

While we KNOW that everything happens precisely when it’s supposed to, and that there are wise forces at work far beyond what we can see, that doesn’t stop us from wishing that we could pretty much control the Universe and know the answers to all of our struggles and challenges - right now. 😬

Can anyone relate?

So, you can bet we’re taking today’s message to heart as we wrestle with some thorny issues that these latest eclipses have brought up for processing and healing. Instead of falling prey to obsessive over-thinking, we’re going to offer everything up to the Big U and wait for the sweet, soft internal stirring that tells us an answer is near. 

Always grateful to the EPs for the exquisitely timed advice!

R & K

richard aab