Today's Reiki Insights for 1/8/18


for 1/8/18


Good morning, friends, and Happy New Year!

I hope you've all had a wonderful start to 2018!  We've been hard at work in the Ascend Essences etheric (and physical) laboratories preparing some wonderful new Essences to make 2018 even better.  We're so happy to be back and as Kerri mentioned at the end of last year, we'll both be sending along our reiki love now that I'm fully attuned to distance reiki (hooray!!!).

As you can imagine, my messages are a bit different than Kerri's and come to me more in guidance towards particular crystals or essences.  Today I was inspired to pick up ruby and send its energies along with my own reiki to all of you.  Ruby is an amazing source of life-energy and carries with it the vibration of power, positivity, enthusiasm and self-love.  Pretty great, huh?

So for today, mediate on whether there are areas in your life where doubt or ingrained, habitual negativity might be keeping you from following your bliss and from realizing your dreams.  And know that Kerri and I are here sending along our love and reiki to help break down those patterns and launch your life into the stars.



richard aab