Today's Reiki Insights for 1/23/18

for 1/23/18

Good morning friends!

Apparently it's "world religion iconography week" at Ascend as today I was drawn to this lovely Rose Quartz angel to represent the group as I sent out Reiki to all of you wonderful people.  Throughout the session, I kept feeling this one repetitive question: "are you open to love?"  

I think this is such an important question to really ask yourself, especially if you're an Agrimony flower essence type like me.  I love Love.  Expressing love and outwardly showing it to those I care about and the world at large provides me a deep feeling of joy and peace and fulfillment.  It's why I'm here, after all!  But if I'm really honest with myself, as happy as I am to give love, I'm equally and conversely uncomfortable receiving it.  I'm terrible at getting compliments and incredibly bashful when it comes to receiving praise.  And yet, deep down, I hunger for it.  It's a strange dichotomy.  And perhaps one you see in yourself as well.

So today, I offer you this experiment that I'll do, too.  As much as you give love today, in whatever form or expression that takes, I challenge you to really sit with and be present for every experience of love that comes back to you.  Really take it in.  And then see how it feels.  Are you happy?  Sad?  Scared?  Overjoyed?  Or even do you feel nothing at all?  Just notice anything and everything that comes up for you and, if you're comfortable with sharing, let us know how it goes.  

In a world that is more and more in need of powerfully empathetic people like all of us to send love into the world, it's equally important that we all learn how to accept the love that the world sends right back to us!



richard aab