Today's Reiki Insights for 1/12/18


for 1/12/18

Hello Friends!

During this morning's Reiki session, I was again inspired to add the energies of a crystal along with the Reiki.  This beautiful piece of Jade was aching to be sent along to you all and I'm so glad it was!  Jade is a stone of well-being and balance and its positivity and Heart Chakra healing energies can be felt almost immediately upon placing it in your hand.  It's soothing green hue carries with it the feeling of nature and all things of the earth and encourages us to enjoy our physical life - touching a loved one, smelling flowers, walking outside (and enjoying the entire spectrum of nature, whether brisk winter chill or balmy tropical breezes!).

It's also interesting considering yesterday's message that Jade is a powerful stone of abundance - promoting prosperity, fertility and all the nourishment that the Universe has to offer.  Sounds good to me!

Sending lots of love (and Reiki!) your way!



richard aab