Today's Reiki Insights for 11/3/17

the rush to run

to fix

to make it all better


the grasping

to change

what’s unfolding before you


holding back the tsunami

with your bare hands


trying to salvage

whatever you can


the tightness

the constriction

keeping it all together


bound up

wound up

yet falling apart


the exhaustion that comes

with this endless striving


the tearing

the tugging

at your precious heart


oh dear friend

take a breath with me


{deep breath}


there is a time

to rush

to act

to jump in

to save


but -


that time is not today

that time is not today


now is the time

to let go of the agenda

take off the savior cape

back away from the schemes

the plans

the next new thing


now is the time

for living

for loving

for finding joy

in whatever is


whatever is


allow your grasp to loosen

release the reigns

let your hands be open

to receive something new


beyond what you think

is possible


let life flood in

as it may


do not fear the future

so much

that you miss


the love

the wonder

the miracle


of today





richard aab