Today's Reiki Insights for 11/17/17


for 11/17/17


Hello friends!

It’s almost a New Moon (tomorrow at 6:42am eastern in Scorpio), which makes it a PERFECT time to take this message to heart. “Stop, drop and pranayam” as we say in my house. (Yes, we say this. Yes, we do this. Yes, we are geeks.) Get quiet, go inside and enjoy the lush landscape of your soul. 

Sending you all beautiful (early) new moon blessings.




PS - Check out my wonderful friends The AstroTwins at, for all the deets on this moon, as well as a treasure trove of astro insights. 




make the time 


to go within 

to retreat 

to rest 


to contemplate 

to meditate 


to ask

and then listen 


make the time 


to tune out the noise 

and tune in to your heart


what you seek 

does not come 

from out there 


it lives 

it thrives 

it is alive and on fire 




waiting to be found 

waiting to be heard 

waiting to help 

to heal

to encourage 

to nurture 

to love 

to guide 




make the time 


to explore 

and receive 

all that your inner world

has to offer 




richard aab