Today's Reiki Insights for 11/10/17


for 11/10/17


the scrutiny 

the judgments 

the expectations 


that you subject yourself to 


picking apart 

each thing 


that doesn’t 

look right 

sound right 

live up to 


punishing yourself 

again and again 


for that thing you said 

that mistake you made 

that opportunity missed


condemning yourself

for not 


being enough 

doing enough 


never enough


but - 


what if 

enough is enough? 


enough judgments 

enough criticisms 

enough scrutiny 

enough blame


enough trying to prove 

to improve 


to remove

all that you perceive

as faulty



less than 


what if - 


right now 

*exactly* as you are


you are enough?  



This came through so emphatically and urgently today that my failing iPhone could barely keep up with my typing. This is one to take to heart and meditate on, folks. 

There’s so much talk out there, particularly in the spiritual community, about self love and embracing who you are, that today’s message might seem trite or played out. It did to me at first. But, when I rolled my eyes at my EPs as the message came in, it was made clear to me that although we may be bombarded with this message outwardly, we’re not really “getting” the message on the inside and we’re sure as heck not embodying it (guilty as charged!). 

Each day we are simultaneously told that we are both enough and not enough. Accept who you are, they say, but also buy this product, take this course, read this book etc.. to make you even better. It’s confusing and leads us to getting stuck in a perpetual state of striving to be more while also shaming ourselves for that very same striving. The message we seem to be internalizing is that we’re really NOT enough, and there’s no amount of trying that will make it so. But we continue to try anyway. 

Now, let me be clear - I’m all for books, courses, classes and products. Heck - at one point or another I’ve purchased and/or sold all of them, and still do! However, what my EPs are hoping we get from this message is that we don’t NEED all of those things to be ok. To be good enough. To be worthy. We are enough as we are. The other things are great if we WANT them, but not if we feel we NEED them to somehow be acceptable, lovable and whole.

Ok, there’s tons more than can be said about this, but my EPs are kindly asking me to get off my little soapbox and let the message speak for itself. So I will. 

But not before I say this. 

You are SO enough. This I know in my soul. 


with love,