Another sunrise...


I posted this to Instagram this morning, but I really wanted to share this with any of you who eschew social media (or are on Instagram but just don't follow us, yet - gasp!).  It seems like we're so inundated with news of terror and violence and disharmony that we've become somewhat anesthetized to it.  But K and I woke up this morning before the sunrise, is the only way to describe it.  But like magic, the sun came up and as it became clearer what we were feeling, we were able to take a quiet moment to breathe and get in tune with our own centers and I can't properly express what a difference it made.  So, as I said, if you have instagram and have already seen this, you can just skip on by, but if not, enjoy.

Happy November 1st everybody! (Unless, of course, you’re reading this from New Zealand, in which case, happy November 2nd! go to bed, it’s late!).
This picture really doesn’t do justice to the amazing pinks and oranges that lit up the sky over the mountains of Asheville this morning, but it’ll have to do. After a day like yesterday which juxtaposed another horrific terrorist attack with the simple joy of children and candy, it’s important to remember that the sun will rise and the beauty of the natural world is here to be a balm to us in our times of need. We must never stop working to create the world of peace and harmony we dream of and always remember, especially during these divisive times, that we are stronger together than we could ever be apart. So I challenge you all to take a moment today to sit in some form of quiet communion with nature and listen for that simple wisdom that the earth constantly whispers: that we are tiny, insignificant specks of stardust - but through our connection to one another and the world, we are also impossibly huge and important.  

Know that wherever you are or what's happening in your life, if nothing else, you always have us - sending you love and so happy you're here.


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