The Crystal Thinking blog is live!! Woo!

Are blogs still a thing?

Well, whether they are or not, we're here, we're blogging and we're excited about it!

All of us in the Ascend family are excited to begin sharing our products and our thoughts here with you at Crystal Thinking.

If you think we'll just be chatting about crystals here, though, think again! We consider this little corner of the internets to be our space to discuss all things that we lovingly refer to as "woo!"

Subscribe to our blog if you're interested in Reiki messages, "New to Woo" videos, sale announcements, crystals, flower essences, reviews and recommendations for our favorite Woo teachers and tools and much more!

As a small, family run business we deeply appreciate your being here and we look forward to sharing our Woo journey with you!

Viva la Woo!



We ❤️ Woo; We ❤️ You!


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