About Ascend

Ascend Essences were created to synthesize the powerful vibrational energies of herbs, flowers and crystals to create a unique and profound new remedy.  Born in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina and sourcing only the finest esoteric adaptogens, euphoriants, and entheogens used by indigenous populations the world over, we provide an energetic experience like no other.  

Our spagyric tinctures are prepared utilizing the exacting specifications of the ancient tradition of alchemy and, as such, contain the energetically complete plant in body, soul and spirit.  In addition, we utilize these same rituals and planetary calendar to infuse our crystal elixirs with complementary cosmic forces, thus forming a true union between heaven and earth.

Our preparations are unique and proprietary; our ingredients are always organically derived, whenever possible; and our essences are produced with love and devotion. 

Ascend Essences is a small, family-run organization with a simple mission: to raise the vibration of every person we meet, and through them, change the world. 

We hope you'll join us!